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At Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, we are committed to delivering the finest eye care for your entire family. Our team of eye doctors offers routine eye exams for both the youngest children and the oldest seniors. We ensure that you maintain clear vision and optimal eye health at every stage of life.

Your Trusted Source for Eye Exams, LASIK & Disease Management in Maryland

Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care is the premier destination for eye care services in Rockville. We provide quality care — from comprehensive eye exams to emergency eye care for unexpected situations. Even if you need something more specific, like long-lasting dry eye relief, permanent vision correction using LASIK, or expert management of eye diseases — you can count on us.

Our Eye Care Services:

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    If your child has myopia, they can benefit from myopia management, a treatment approach that slows its progression and reduces the risk of severe eye conditions.
  • Thumbnail phoropter
    Our eye exams involve assessing your eye and visual health so we can detect underlying issues and ensure your prescription is up-to-date.
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    Pediatric eye care is vital for the early detection and treatment of vision problems in children, ensuring a lifetime of good eye health.
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    If you're experiencing dry, irritated eyes, our skilled optometrists offer tailored treatments to relieve discomfort.
  • Emerg Eye.jpg
    Accidents can happen anytime, and our clinic is ready to provide prompt emergency eye care when you need it the most.
  • Thumbnail eye diseas New.jpg
    Managing eye diseases requires specialized care and attention and our team is here to help you effectively protect your vision.
  • Thumbnail lasik
    Are you considering LASIK surgery? Our LASIK co-management services ensure a smooth process, from pre-op to post-op care.
  • A child undergoes vision therapy in an optician. Marsden ball.
    Our vision therapy services improve visual skills and treat conditions like lazy eye or crossed eyes in children.