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The doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care are dedicated to providing you with the 3 C’s of contact lens wear; Comfort, Crisp vision and Consistent vision.  Offering all of the latest and greatest technologies, our Doctors experience high levels of success fitting even the most difficult prescriptions.  Contact lens technologies for dry eyes, for astigmatism and for crisp vision without glasses at distance or near (bifocal lenses) have seen tremendous improvements in just the past 3 years and are available at our practice.

Contacts That Restore Vision Near and Far

The contact lens team at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care has achieved success in fitting new classes and categories of Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses. These newer soft (often available as disposable) contact lenses provide patients with distance, intermediate and near vision and has proven to be much more successful than bifocal contact lens predecessors if fit properly. In the past, bifocal contact lenses were successful in less than 40 percent of patients who tried to wear them. They also were prohibitively expensive and in many cases would end up on the medicine shelf after weeks or months of wearing attempts. We now fit over 90% of patients successfully. The new class of Multifocal lenses are comfortable, easy to use and adapt to and are relatively inexpensive. The patient has it easy with these lenses; adaptation is fast. . . the doctor must spend time analyzing the prescription to maximize vision with the lens. The new Multifocal lens designs can give you your young eyes back! Call our office today to set up your Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting.

CLs are like underwear

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5 of the 6 Secrets to Contact Lens Success

Secret #1 – How to Achieve Good Vision in Contacts

Your ultimate success depends on three factors; the experience of your doctor, your doctor’s willingness to fit you in the brand of contacts that is best for your type of eye and your ergonomic situation. There is a huge array of lens choices for even the worst prescriptions and the driest eyes. An optometrist who specializes in contact lenses is uniquely qualified to select the most appropriate lens for your unique visual and comfort needs.

Secret #2 – Properly Caring for Your Lenses

Contact lens solutions contain preservatives. Mixing solution brands may cause eye redness, irritation or even damage to your contact lenses. Improper cleaning habits or failure to follow cleaning instructions may lead to irritation and a reduction in vision. The best way to eliminate this potential problem is to ask your doctor if he/she can prescribe “One-A-Day Disposables”. These are lenses that totally eliminate the cleaning process. Think about how comfortable your new contacts feel after changing to a new pair and imagine having that feeling everyday. Imagine, no more cases or bottles of solution!

Secret #3 – Adhere Strictly to the Recommended Wearing Schedule

Wearing schedules are established by the Food and Drug Administration. After studying the lens, they approve a schedule that is compatible with the maintenance of good eye health. Wearing lenses longer than the recommended schedule puts you at risk for certain eye infections, irritations, inflammations and even permanently reduced vision. Simply sticking to recommended wear and contact lens care schedules greatly reduces contact lens vision and comfort problems.

Secret #4 – Contact Lens Storage Tips

Studies have shown that while hand washing is important in reducing the risk of eye infections, most infections occur by storing contact lenses in overused, under-cleaned contact lens cases. Clean cases equal clean lenses and clean lenses equal greater comfort.

Secret #5 – Regular Follow Up

Some patients run into problems a few months after having worn their contacts successfully. Either the comfort or vision is not as clear as it was. Before you open that next lens, follow up with your eye doctor. Just because you have a year supply of lenses, or are used to having a yearly eye exam, doesn’t mean the status of your vision or lens comfort will last a year. There’s no need to walk around unhappy! Of course you want to maintain your annual examination and contact lens care but don’t be shy – your doctor is there should you run into a problem mid-year.

Secret #6

Now you know 5 of the 6 secrets of successful contact lens wear; secrets that patients of Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care are taught. What is the 6th secret? It has something to do with the high level of patient care the doctors and staff at Shady Grove are committed to. It has something to do with attention to detail, making the best recommendations and offering the healthiest options for your vision and comfort. It has a lot to do with customer service provided by your eye doctor and support staff. Come in to receive our expert contact lens services, become a patient of our practice and discover all our secrets to our success in treating thousands of contact lens patients.