Astigmatism and Its Treatment

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We provide extensive eye care and optical services, and one of the most common eye problems we treat is astigmatism. This condition causes blurred vision because of a problem with how the eye focuses light. Here is a short overview on astigmatism and how we can help people with

5 Tips on Preparing For Laser Eye Surgery

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Many people have chosen laser eye surgery to improve their vision. Knowing how to prepare for it will not only put your mind at ease, but will also help you obtain optimal results and speed recovery. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care lists five tips to help you prepare for laser

Everything You Need to Know about OrthoK

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Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care provides a wide range of advanced eye care and optical services. One of the most exciting is Orthokeratology, or OrthoK. This is a non-surgical alternative to vision correction that enables patients to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact

5 Clear Signs You Need to Have Your Eyes Checked

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How frequently should you have your eyes checked? According to the American Optometric Association, it is ideal to undergo an eye examination every two years. If you are over 60, however, an annual eye exam is essential. People suffering from diabetes, glaucoma and similar

Why Choose Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care

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Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care has been caring for patients since 1964. We are the regional leader in eye and vision care, and we go the extra mile to meet the needs of our patients. Each doctor, optician, and optometrist in Rockville, MD will guide you in choosing advanced eye

Contact Lens Facts, Myths and Options

What are some of my choices for contacts? Although the standard “hard lens” introduced in the 1950’s are still around, newer materials developed have made these lenses virtually obsolete. Two types of contacts are fit today, Soft and Rigid gas permeable (RGP)  Soft contact

Contact Lens Insertion And Removal Tips

“The Taco Test” Contact lenses can be difficult to handle for a variety of reasons and even for the most experienced of contact lens wearers! Here are some tips to help you insert, remove and handle your lenses. How to tell right-side up from inside out Your lens should be