5 Tips on Preparing For Laser Eye Surgery

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Many people have chosen laser eye surgery to improve their vision. Knowing how to prepare for it will not only put your mind at ease, but will also help you obtain optimal results and speed recovery. Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care lists five tips to help you prepare for laser

Everything You Need to Know about OrthoK

Contact Lens

Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care provides a wide range of advanced eye care and optical services. One of the most exciting is Orthokeratology, or OrthoK. This is a non-surgical alternative to vision correction that enables patients to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact

Why Choose Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care

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Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care has been caring for patients since 1964. We are the regional leader in eye and vision care, and we go the extra mile to meet the needs of our patients. Each doctor, optician, and optometrist in Rockville, MD will guide you in choosing advanced eye

Contact Lens Facts, Myths and Options

What are some of my choices for contacts? Although the standard “hard lens” introduced in the 1950’s are still around, newer materials developed have made these lenses virtually obsolete. Two types of contacts are fit today, Soft and Rigid gas permeable (RGP)  Soft contact

Contact Lens Insertion And Removal Tips

“The Taco Test” Contact lenses can be difficult to handle for a variety of reasons and even for the most experienced of contact lens wearers! Here are some tips to help you insert, remove and handle your lenses. How to tell right-side up from inside out Your lens should be

Chronic Eye Irritation

What Causes Chronic Eye Irritation? ANTERIOR BLEPHARITIS Patients have crusting irritation at the base of lashes without variation throughout the days onset is insidious. MEDICAMENTOSA Patients complain of burning and irritation without variation throughout the day. Symptoms

Eye Relaxation Exercise

Eyestrain Relaxation Exercise The room should be totally dark and quiet. Make sure there will be no interruptions. Music does not help this exercise. It works best on cool, cotton sheets. The temperature in the room should be somewhat cool as well. Lay on your back, close your

Vision Changes After Giving Birth

Vision changes for mommy – 50% of women will have noticeable vision changes Very few changes first 2 trimesters Blurry vision or vision changes may be noticed third trimester through 3 months post partum Separate visual changes from hormonal / neurological

Bifocal Glasses And Multifocal Lenses

Bifocal Glasses Bifocal literally means “two focuses.” It is meant to describe eyeglass lenses that enable the user to see clearly at two different distance ranges through one lens. Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing the first bifocal lens by gluing two lens halves from

Contact Lens Care

How to Remove Lenses from Case or Package Removing contact lenses from the case or package should be a delicate process. Your lenses are are fragile and can tear. The most common way to tear a lens is from handling the lens as it is removed or replaced into it's container. To

Computer Monitors and Eye Problems

Video Display Terminals (Vdt’s) and Vision The increased use of computers in the workplace has brought about the development of a number of health concerns.  Many individuals who work at a computer video display terminal (VDT) report a high level of job-related complaints and

Instructions For Cleaning A Soft Contact Lens

Instructions for Cleaning a Soft Contact Lens With “No-Rub” Solution Wash your hands thoroughly using a pure soap that does not contain additives - anti-bacterial pump soap is the best. Be sure to rinse all soap off of your hands before handling contact lens. If necessary, use

Thinning Out Thick Eyeglasses

There are many options available to reduce the appearance of thick eyeglass lenses. Thick lenses not only are cosmetically unappealing but they also add to the weight of the glasses, making the eyeglasses uncomfortable. Here we discuss tricks of the trade (like using high index

Retinal Detachment

The retina is a clear, thin light sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. It is made up of layers of nerve cells that arrive from the optic nerve through the back of the eye. The fibers spread out from the center of the optic nerve in every direction (kind of like the leaves in

Farsighted Lasik Information

Ensure your doctor performs a manifest refraction as well as a Cycloplegic refraction and that your surgeon is aware of both of these results, both for health and visual outcome. Ensure that the results of the manifest refraction and the cycloplegic refraction do not differ by


GLAUCOMA as a disease is highly misunderstood by the public. You can have perfect vision and still suffer from the potential blinding condition, with no symptoms. Glaucoma as a disease, exists in two different forms; Open Angle Glaucoma and Closed Angle Glaucoma. The Glaucomas